Frequently Asked Questions

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What interest rate can I get?

Denver Auto Approval Center offers the best rates for auto loans. Some factors that may affect the interest rate you may get, though, are your credit rating, loan term and monthly income.

Do you finance new or used cars only?

We finance ANY TYPE of vehicle as long as it’s the one you want to drive.

How long before I know whether I’m approved?

We process your application as soon as we receive it then we’ll give you a decision within the day. But let us remind you that you need to make sure that you provide accurate, genuine and complete information in your application. Otherwise, the decision may be delayed or worse, your application may be rejected.

How much does the application cost?

Our service is FREE! You don’t have to pay us anything for processing your application.

How much down payment is required?

We at Denver Auto Approval Center aim to give you an auto loan where you wouldn’t need to shell out for the down payment anymore. However, the amount of down payment that may be required of you depends on the amount you’re borrowing, your credit score and other factors. It’s best to apply first so we can evaluate your application and then discuss with you the best option.

 Pre-Approval Calculator 
Good Credit (725+)
Fair Credit (630+)
Poor Credit (575+)
Bad Credit (525+)
No Credit
Monthly Income $
Housing Cost $
Credit Cards $
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